Shri Karni Mata New HD Photo Wallpapers


Shri Karni Mata New HD Photo Wallpapers: Karni Mata Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Karni Mata at Deshnok, 30 km from Bikaner, in Rajasthan. The temple is famous for the approximately 20,000 black rats that live, and are revered in the temple. This temple is also famous as ‘Rats Temple’. The temple draws visitors from across the country for blessings, as well as curious tourists from around the world.

Mission Kuldevi presents beautiful photo wallpapers of Shri Karni Mataji for your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, etc. Save these attractive wallpapers and increase the religious beauty of your screen. Jai Maa Kuldevi

  1. Karni Mata’s beautiful red color desktop wallpaper. A temple clicked photo with the akhanda jyoti looks very attractive with red background.
Karni Mata red background desktop wallpaper

2. Karni Mata’s blue background desktop wallpaper with under water effect. It really looks so attractive and beautiful.

Karni Mata Cyan, Blue and Green mix background color desktop wallpaper

3. This Karni Mata Idol Desktop Wallpaper with Gray colored background looks so attractive and beautiful.

Karni Mata Gray background Desktop Wallpaper

4. This Karni Mata’s popular art Desktop Wallpaper with yellow and pink colored background looks so beautiful.

Karni Mata Desktop Wallpaper with Yellow and pink background

5. Karni Mata Idol Desktop wallpaper with the main entrance gate of the Karni Mata Temple of Deshnok looks very attractive.

Karni Mata beautiful desktop wallpaper

6. This Karni Mata’s popular art Desktop Wallpaper with red background looks so beautiful.

Karni Mata Amazing Desktop Wallpaper with dark red and brown background

Jeen Mata HD Wallpapers, Images & Photos


Jeen Mata Temple Sikar Photos, Images, Wallpapers

Jeen Mata Temple is situated in Sikar Rajasthan. Mission Kuldevi presents beautiful wallpapers of Jeen mata. See and download these wallpapers and images for your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Save these images and get ‘Darshan’ everyday on your screen.

Download this beautiful red wallpaper. Jai Shri Jeen Mata.

Jeen Mata Photo Wallpaper

Jeen Mata Beautiful Wallpapers

Download this beautiful yellow photo wallpaper. Devi Maa Decorated with Yellow and Red flowers ‘Mala’.

Jeen Mata Wallpaper

Jeen Mata Photo with Floral Background

Red and blue floral background increase beauty of this wallpaper. Download this photo. Jai Ambe.. Jai Bhawani.

Jeen Mata Photo Wallpaper

Jeen Mata Vector Image Wallpaper

The First vector photo wallpaper of Jeen Mata. Download this image and improve religious beauty of your screens. Orange coloured image with floral foreground. Jai Maa Jeen Bhawani.

Jeen Mata Vector Image Wallpaper

Jeen Mata Temple Image Wallpaper

Download this attractive wallpaper of Jeen Mata temple.

Jeen Mata Temple Image Wallpaper

Jeen Mata Temple Photo Wallpaper

Another Jeen Mata temple photo wallpaper with bluish colour tone. Jai Maa Jeen.

Jeen Mata Temple Photo Wallpaper

Jeen Mata Best Photos

Download this pink and gray coloured photo of Jeen Mata. Devi Mata wearing pink cloths and yellow garland. Shri Kuldevyai Namah..

Jeen Mata Photo Wallpaper

Jeen Mata Beautiful Images

Shining magenta coloured wallpaper image of Mataji. Save this Image as your wallpaper.

Jeen Mata Images

Jeen Mata Photos

Blue floral wallpaper of Jeen Maiya. Save this image for your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Jeen Mata Photo

Jeen Mata Floral Wallpaper

Amazing floral wallpaper of Goddess. Save it as your screen wallpaper and increase spiritual beauty and get Darshan any time you see the screen.

Jeen Mata Image

Jeen Mata Images

Beautiful red photo of devi maa with vivid background.

Jeen Mata Wallpapers

Bhanwal/ Bhuwal Mata HD Wallpapers, Images & Photos


Bhuwal Mata / Bhanwal Mata Merta City Wallpapers

Bhuwal Mata Temple is Situated at Merta city in Nagaur (Rajasthan). See and download best images of Bhuwal mata wallpapers presented by Mission Kuldevi. Beautiful red wallpaper of Bhuwal mata. Devotees of Bhuwal mata or other people who worship Her can download this beautiful HD wallpaper for PC Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets etc.

Bhuwal Mata Photo Wallpaper

Image Type:- JPEG
Dimension:- 2562 x 1600
Size:- 2.81 MB

Beautiful Red Photo Wallpaper of Bhuwal Mata Merta city

Bhuwal Mata’s Beautiful Red Photo Wallpaper for your PC Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc. Download this HD Image Free.

Bhuwal Mata Images Merta City
Beautiful red wallpaper of Bhuwal Mata

Image Type:- JPEG

Dimension:- 1800 x 1200

Size:- 2.14 MB

Bhuwal Mata Image Wallpaper with Bhuwal Mata Temple Sculptures in Background

Bhuwal Mata Temple Wallpaper. Download this HD wallpaper for your Desktop, Laptop Mobile etc. Bhuwal Mata photo with sculptures of Bhuwal mata temple Merta city in background.

Bhuwal Mata Images Photos
Bhuwal Mata Wallpaper with Temple Sculptures in Background

Image Type:- JPEG

Dimension:- 1800 x 1124

Size:- 1.34 MB

Bhuwal Mata Images

This Beautiful Magenta colored Image of Bhuwal Mata Merta city Temple Rajasthan, you can download it and set it as your desktop laptop tablet or mobile’s wallpapers. Kuldevi Shri Bhuwal Mata bless you all. Devotees of Kuldevi Bhuwal Mata can download this image and can get “Darshan” everyday on their screen.

Bhuwal Mata Images
Bhuwal Mata Images

Image Type:- JPEG

Dimension:- 1800 x 1200

Size:- 1.39 MB

Bhuwal Mata Temple Images HD

Bhuwal Mata Temple Image Wallpaper. Download this beautiful Image with Mataji Temple in background.  Jai Bhuwal Mata… Jai Mata Di

Bhuwal Mata Temple Images Wallpapers
Bhuwal Mata Temple Images

Image Type:- JPEG

Dimension:- 2562 x 1600

Size:- 2.31 MB

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