Gotra wise Kuldevi list of Rajput Samaj

Gotra wise Kuldevi List of Rajput Samaj |

The word ‘Rajput’ is changed form of the Sanskrit word ‘Rajputra’. In ancient India, society was devided into four classes (Varna) – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. In this system, Kshatriya were rulers, warriors and administrators. Traditionally, the kshatriya constituted the ruling and military elite. Their role was to protect society by fighting in wartime and governing in peacetime. Over time, many castes and subspecies were formed in place of these classes. Kshatriyas were called ‘Rajputra’. In Rajputana, ‘Putra’ is called ‘Put’, hence they became famous as Rajput. According to Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha and other scholars, Rajputs are the descendants of ancient Kshatriyas. Rajput is the most influential caste of the Indian subcontinent. This caste has always been close to rule.

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Rajput society has been divided into three main groups (Vansh) – Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi and Agnivanshi.Each of these vansh are divided into different clans(Kula), Shakh, branch. All these branches of clans worship their Kuldevi to keep them safe from negative forces. Every clan is protected by a family goddess, the kuldevi. Here is list of clans with their kuldevi :

Kuldevi List of Rajput Samaj / Gotra of Rajput Samaj

BadgujarKalika Mata
BanafarSharda Mata
BensKalka Mata
BhardwajSharda Mata
BhatiSwangiya Mata
BhosleJagdamba Mata
BiladariaYogeshwari Mata
BisenDurga Mata
BundelaAnnapurna Mata
ChandelManiya Mata
ChandosiyaDurga Mata
ChandravanshiGayatri Mata
ChauhanAshapura Mata
ChawdaChamunda Mata
ChhokarChandi Kelawati Mata
ChudasamaAmba Bhawani Mata
DahimaDadhimati Mata
DahiyaKeway Mata
Dewal / DevalSundha Mata
DhakarKalika Mata
DixitDurga Mata
DogaiKalika (Sokha) Mata
GargvanshKalika Mata
GaudMahakali Mata
GautamChamunda Mata
GehlotBaneshwari Mata
GohilBaneshwari Mata
HaithyaVindhyavasini Mata
Hal / HulBaan Mata
IndraChamunda Mata
JadaunKaila devi (Karauli)
JadejaAshapura Mata
JethwaChamunda Mata
JhalaMarmara/Shakti Mata
KachwahaJamwai Mata
KakanDurga Mata
KaktiyaChandi Mata
KalchuriVindhyavasini Mata
KanaiwarChandi Mata
KaushikYogeshwari Mata
KelwadaNandi Mata
KhangarGajanan Mata
KinwarKulkula Mata / Durga
Loh ThambChandi Mata
LohtamiChandi Mata
NaagVijayasan Mata
NakumVerinag Bai
NevtaniAmbika Bhawani Mata
NikumbhKalika Mata
NimdiPrabhavati Mata
NimivanshDurga Mata
NishanBhagwati Durga Mata
PadiharChamunda Mata
PariharYogeshwari Mata
ParmarSachiya Mata
PuruMahalakshmi Mata
RathoreNagnechiya Mata
RawatChandi Mata
RauljiKshemkalyani Mata
SarnihaDurga Mata
SengarVindhyavasini Mata
ShekhawatJamwai Mata
SikarwarDurga Mata
SinghelPankhani Mata
SolankiKhiwaj Mata
SomvanshMahalakshmi Mata
SwatiKalika Mata
TanwarChilai Mata
TilorDurga Mata
UdamtiyaKalika Mata
UjjainiyaKalika Mata
VaghelaAmbaji Mata
ValaGatrad Mata
VisenDurga Mata
YaduvanshiYogeshwari Mata

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Here we provided you the list of Gotra and Kuldevi of Rajput Samaj. However, this information has been obtained from reliable sources, but if there is any mistake in this list or you want to give some information about Rajput society then your suggestions and ideas are invited in the comment box.

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    • यादव की जगह यदुवंशी हैं
      राजस्थान में जैसलमेर के भाटी राजपूत राजा
      और राजस्थान के करौली के जादौन राजपूत राजा
      वो वास्तविक कृष्ण के राजपरिवार से हैं
      और लोग भी कहते हैं
      न की अन्य पिछडा वर्ग obc के यादव
      जैसे की जोधपुर के राठौड़ (rathore) राजपूत
      जबकि mp up में rathore obc की जाती हैं

  1. परमार की कुलदेवी अर्बुदा माता
    माउंट आबू की हैं
    बीकानेर के राठौड़ो की करणी माता

  2. गहरवार की कुलदेवी के बारे में जानकारी नहीं दी गई है ।

  3. No information about RAWAT ??
    I am interested in knowing the history of RAWAT caste,, if u can tell something.
    And RAWAT to rajput h or har state me h but kuch obc me kese ate h.
    Wese RAWAT ka gotra bhardwaj h

    • Our ancient are called as BANOUDHA, they told that we are Rajput our Kuldevi is PRABHUTA AND PARMESHWARI so what is your opinion on BANOUDHA RAJPUT is it right or what. Where is a temple of PRABHUTA DEVI AND PARMESHWARI DEVI

    • आपके दिए सुझाव व जानकारी की जल्दी ही पालना की जाएगी।

  4. U have not mention full cast of Rajput samzaj. Like paliwal .vayagrh. nd many more also pls update it… thanku …JAI RAJPUTANA…

    • आपके दिए सुझाव व जानकारी की जल्दी ही पालना की जाएगी।

  5. होकम चूंडावत की कुल देवी नही है

  6. बड़गूजर , गोतम , छोकर ( chokker) कब से ठाकुर होने लगें । तीनों s c है ।

  7. निर्बान की कुलदेवी कोनसी है

    <<<<<<< VANSH ——– AGNI VANSH
    <<<<<<< SHAKHA ——- BAJSANEYI
    <<<<<<< GAUTRA ——- BHARDWAJ
    <<<<<<< RUSHI ——— VASHISHTH
    <<<<<<< VED ———— YAJURVED
    <<<<<<< SUTRA ———- PARASKAR
    <<<<<<< UTPATI ——— AABU PARVAT

    Kuldevi kshemkalyani mahida parivar add kijiae

  9. चुंड़ावत राजपूतों की सती माता राजस्थान में कहा है आपको पता है क्या

  10. हकुम
    लोहथम्ब और लोहतमी अलग नहीं बल्कि एक ही वंश है |
    कुछ रघुवंशी क्षत्रिय लोहगढ से आकर आरा , बलिया और गाजीपुर में आकर बस गए |
    लोहगढ से आने के कारण ये लोहथम्ब या लोहतमी राजपूत कहलाने लगे |

    • Rathore kuldevi- nagnechi mata h,,nagana village barmer
      Bika (rathore ) kuldevi-karni mata,, deshnok village bikaner

  11. pls edit The Dodiya / Dodia are Chandravanshi Rajput, according to their traditions, they were based in and around Multan in Punjab (now in Pakistan) during 12th and 13th centuries, when they built a fort near Multan by the name of Rohtashgarh. In the 14th century the Dodiya / Dodia Rajputs migrated to Gujarat and established their kingdom around Girnar Junagadh. The founder of this dynasty is the famous king deepang. He was followed by raja Phul Singh Dodiya / Dodia, and then followed by Rawat Soorsinghji, Rawat Chandrabhansinghji, Rawat Krishnaji, Rawat Chalotji and Rawat Arjundasji. A small number of the Dodiya / Dodia migrated to Mewar accompanying the Rajmata of Mewar as an escort. The Dodiyas / Dodias proved their valour in various battles in the service of Mewar, including the Battle of Haldighati, and were rewarded with the jagir of Lava (later called Sardargarh).They sacrificed for 9 generation for mewar. The “Dodiya/Dodia” are also in Malwa region.They have some states (jagir) there like Piploda, Tal, Mandawal, Sukheda, Chapaner, Asawati, Borwana, Uni and many little villages in malwa region.There is 400 villages of dodiyas in Ratlam and 198 villages in shajapur and some villages are in mandsaur and Ujjain.

    The Remainder of the Dodiya / Dodia Remain in Gujarat.

    The Dodia / Dodiya in Saurashtra were originally a clan of Rajputs without any political power and it appears that the whole clan was Rajputs. Clans without a political head would obviously be predisposed to lose their land and its fragmentation with unproductive expenditure must have hastened the process of decline. [1]

    A Dodia/Dodiya/Doad clan, claiming descent from the Chandravanshi dynasty, is also found in and around the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. The clan migrated from Udaipur around 1100 years ago to Garh Mandal and then onwards to Garhmukteshwar, present day Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh, which along with the surrounding area they conquered. From there Deo Chand went on to Jaijon in Hoshiarpur district. [2] The town of Garhshankar was founded in 1000 AD by Shankar Sahai Doad. In old times this area was under one Doad King who controlled all villages from Garhi Mansowal. [3] Over the course of centuries, the Dodiya’s in Hoshiarpur lost large tracts of their lands in several battles with the Jaswal’s, Katoch rulers and the Sikh kingdom. The Rana of Mansowal, however, maintained his position under the Sikhs as a jagirdar. In 1775, the Rana of The Ghorewahas conquered Garhshankar, killing the Doad King. Later during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, when he wanted to conquer the sub-mountainous region of Kandi, the Doads of Mansowal sent fifteen horse riders to help Maharaja Ranjit Singh in order to avenge their massacre by the Ghorewahas. In return, Ranjit Singh granted the Doads the property of the lands of Mansowal. On Ranjit Singh’s invasion of the Manaswal plateau, the Rana was confirmed in his possessions, subject to a contingent of 15 horse. [4]


  12. Once, on a pilgrimage to Gujarat, the mother of Maharana LAKHA (1382-1421) of Mewar and her party were attacked by dacoits (bandits). Siha Dodiya / Dodia came to the aid of the party. Unfortunately, Siha the Good Samaritan was killed in the skirmish, but two of his sons, Kalu and Dhaval, took the royal travellers to safety in the Dodiya / Dodia residence, then escorted them back to the Mewar border. Maharana Lakha later invited the two sons of Siha Dodiya / Dodia to Mewar, and gave them the jagir of Lawa (later called Sardargarh), with the status of 1st Rank Umrao’s (Nobles) of Mewar. They also had a house in Udaipur, the DODIA-KI-HAVELI, where the family stayed whenever they were in the capital.[5] The descendants of Sardargarh are of Dhaval Dodiya.

    Feud with Shaktawats in Mewar[edit]
    Sangram Singh Shaktawat captured the Dodia fort of Lawa (Sardargarh) in 1783 AD, it was later given back to Zorawarsingh Dodia by Maharana.[6]


  13. हम राजस्थान के परिहार राजपूत महाराष्ट्र मे स्थायी हूए देशमुख है आपसे हमारी कुल देवी की मालुमात और दर्शन हूये। धन्यवाद

  14. rawat ser rajput he par aaj kal rawat gujer jat muslim isai meena bhil aasi legath he par iithas me rawat purane wale rajput hi the jo sekar ne ine rawat jathi dedi maharana pertp ke 4 . 5 sheyogi rawat rajput the iithas me he mane book pedha he

  15. Our ancient are called ” BANOUDHA RAJPUT” is there any caste . (ii) Our kuldevi is PRABHUTA DEVI AND PARMESHWARI DEVI, where is the temple of the said DEVI. What is BANOUDHA til;l it is not cleared to us. please clarify.


  17. बहुत ही सुंदर कार्य ।आप जैसे लोगों की सहायता से ही इतिहास के पन्नों में अपनी पहचान बनी रहती है । इसमें और भी संशोधन की आवश्यकता है , जो आप आगामी समय में पूरा करने के लिए प्रयास करेंगे यही कामना करता हूँ ।ऐसा ही सराहनीय कार्य जारी रखें । धन्यवाद ।—-डॉ. गोकुलसिंह गिरासे मुंबई

    • गोकुलजी, आपकी उत्साहवर्धक टिप्पणी के लिए धन्यवाद। समयानुसार ब्लॉग में संशोधन होते रहेंगे। इस दिशा में मेरा पूरा प्रयास रहेगा।

  18. chauhan rajputka gotra bakshya hota hai kya?plz hearty requist to give wright information,i am unknwon about it.thanks for such information.

  19. सिरवा वंश की कुलदेवी कोन है और कहा बिराजमान है

  20. Bhai main chandel rajput hoon. Mera ek dost hai jo bhumihar caste ka hai. Wo kehta hai ki wo brahmkshatriya hai. Kripya jaankari de ki kya bhumihar bhi brahmkshatriya hote hain.

  21. Me hatkheda patel hu meri sub caste solanki h
    Hum rajputo se aleg hua hai
    Meri caste me
    Rajputo se aleg hui 36 shakhao me se 25 shakhae hai
    Jisme sabse jyada solanki . Chouhan..rathore
    Parmar sisodiya gahlot
    Sab hai

  22. Muli ke Rajparmar ke bare me khuch batayia jo ki Muli ke Parmar ne Vage Raj se Bhetasi me Gadi ki Stapna ki thi Vahaki Jagirdari Sambhali thi Tabse hamare Vadvao ne Bhare Darbar me Alan Kiya tha ki Hum muli Parmar Raj Parmar kahelayege tab se muli Parmar Raj-Parmar kahelate he
    Anand me Ada’s,Agas,Bhetasi ,Oad,Nisraya,Silli,Kerda,
    Rajpipda,Bharuch Jill, sab jagh pe unke vele ja ke vase hu a he

  23. Dodiya and Dhaka Rajputs are not added in this.Everything available on net and blogs.If getting any problem to findout,than, contact to me.

  24. Aapke kiye gaye karya ki ati prashansa karta hoon. Hum Sultanpur(Kushbhawanpura) ke Rajkumar thakur hain, Sambandha Agnivansha se hai, Chauhano ke saman hi Vatsa hamara gotra hai. Kripaya kuldevi sahit vistrit jankari pradan karein. Jai Vindhyawasini, Jai Rajputana….

  25. hiii i am Kundan Singh Dodiya, Dodiya rajput is my cast and kuldevi is Hinglaj mata so plzz add in this


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