Gotra wise Kuldevi List of Panch Gaur Brahmin Samaj

Gotra wise Kuldevi List of Panch Gaur Brahmin Samaj: Panch Gaur is one of the two main classes of Brahmins in Hinduism. The second class is punch Dravid. Panch Gaur Brahmins are basically residents of northern India. According to Kalhana’s Rajatarangini, Panch Gaur Brahmin class consists of five Brahmin communities. These five Brahmin communities are –

1. Gaur / Gaud

2. Kanojia / Kanyakubj Brahmin

3. Maithil Brahmin

4. Utkala Brahmin

5. Saraswat Brahmin

In ancient times, the area near Afghanistan was known as “Gaur-Desh”. Brahmins of this region were called Gaur Brahmins. Its territory covers the areas of Haryana, Punjab, Gonda-Basti, South region of Prayag, West Bengal and Orissa. The Brahmins living in these areas were called Panch Gaur Brahmins. Among Panch Gaur, the place of Adigaur Brahmans is Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra was known as Brahmakshakra, Brahmarshi Desh, Brahmavart and Aryavarta at that time. ‘This area has been called ‘Dharmakshtra’ in Geeta. The eastern part of Rajasthan and some areas of western part of Uttar Pradesh were under Kurukshetra area. The Brahmins of this region were called Kanyakubja, Maithil of Mithila, and Brahmins of Orissa were called Utkal Brahmins.

Gotra wise Kuldevi List of Panch Gaur Brahmin Samaj 

1.Jwalamukhi Mata Mot
2.Jakhan Mata  Agnihotri, Kuradava
3.Dhamwaya Mata   Dhamotya
4.Badwasan Mata  Tadawa

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  1. i am gaud brahman belongs to haryana .
    my surname is SHARMA

  2. Our kuldevi is Shantadurga at Goa, who is the mother.
    Gotra is Kaushik.
    I want to know who is the male God Kuldeva ( father ) . It is very imp for a puja we need to conduct. Please help.


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