Mahalaxmi Mata

Agarwal Samaj Gotra List and Kuldevi Mahalakshmi Mata

Mahalaxmi Mata

Agarwal Samaj Gotra List and Kuldevi Mahalakshmi Mata | Mahalaxmi Mata |

According to the memorials and social magazines of Agrawal society organizations, Kuldevi of this society is “Mahalaxmi Devi”. “Jaat-Jadoola” and other religious activities are done at the ‘Shaktipeeth’ of Mahalaxmi Devi. Some Gotras of Agarwal community worship Shakti Dadi.

Maharaja Agrasen

It is believed that in the ancient times, King Dhanpal of Pratap Nagar was very great. His descendant, King Agarsen, became the owner of Delhi. He built the cities of Arada and Agroha as his name. At that time, he was married to beautiful ‘Nagakanya Madhavi’- the daughter of King Kumad of Pangan, on which Indra became angry, he created a terrible famine on earth, but King Agrasen failed all his efforts.   After handing his state works to his Queen Madhavi, King Agrasen started performing Austerity staying solitary in the forest. After strong penance, Mahadeva Shiva was pleased with him and asked for a blessing. Agrasen said that ‘ I wish Indra become under my rule’. Mahadeva gave this same boon and said that now you worship Mahalaxmi, which will keep your Treasury full with money and also Indra will be subject to you.

 Maharaja Agrasen and Mahalaxmi Mata

Agarsen chanted Mahalakshmi, Goddess pleased and told him that now you go to Kolhapur Nagar, there is a king named Mahidhar, who has organized ‘Svayamvar’ of her daughter ; marry his daughter and raise your offspring.King Agrasen married seventeen Nag-Kanyas. Indra was nervous with the growing influence of King Agarsen, and , he sent his nymph “Madhushalini”with Narada Muni to friendship with the king.

King Agrasan performed a huge ritual on the banks of Yamuna. Then Lakshmi rejoiced and said, O King! Your clan will increase and your name will be more popular. I am Kuldevi, who protects your family, you worship Yajna. Thus, the king completed seventeen Yagya, but in the middle of the eighteenth Yagya, the king got confused and stopped in the half Yagya. There were seventeen seventeen Yagya in this way. Which became known as Agarwal’s seventeen and a half Gotras.

Gotra List of Agarwal Samaj 

1.Garg or Gargeya2.Goyal, Goel or Goenka
3.Bhedal / Bhandal4.Mangal
5.Jindal6.Bindal or Vindal
11.Singal, Singhal)12.Airan/Aeron
15.Kuchhal / Kuchchal16.Dharan or Deran
17.Kansal17″Goin, Goyan, Gangal

These are Seventeen and a half Gotras of Agarwal Community. If you want to give some information about Agarwal society then your suggestions and ideas are invited in the comment box.

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  1. पुरैया गोत्र किस समाज मे आता है क्या ये अग्रवाल समाज मै आता है या नहीं अगर नही तो किस समाज में आता हैं या ये पुरैया गौत्र sc कैटेगिरी मैं तो नहीं आता की इससे रिश्ता जोड़ा जा सकता है ये गौत्र अयोध्या के पास बांदा गाव का है कृप्या करके मुझे इस बारे में बताये

  2. Hello,
    I’m Gourav Goyal , Where Is Goyal Gotra Satimata Temple Any Body Know Phle Help Me To Find My Satimata Temple.

    • Kul Devi of Agrawal Samaj is Mata Lakshmi. As per my understanding, search the region where your ancestors were living. The nearest Shakti Peeth or Up-Shakti Peeth (abode of Maa Lakshami, Saraswati and Kali) of that region shall be your Kuldevi.

    • saangyeti devi is the kul devi of mittal gotra as known from our pandit, please confirm and of you know the location please share

  3. Hum goyal gotri hai, hum kuldevi “khajuri Mata” ko pujte hai ,aap konko pujte hai ? Hame bhi aapni Mata Ka sadhan Nahi mil Raha hai

  4. Dear Garg Gotra’s vansaj,

    Please, note i have Garg / Gargasya gotra. Garg rishi was kul guru of Yadavas, God Krishna’s kul guru.
    our surname is Jani, but our gotra is Gargasya / Garg.
    Our kuldevi is “AMBEY MAA”. We go to AMBAJI, Gujarat where Ambey maa temple is there and where the “heart of sati maa” feel down when god vishnu broke the body of sati maa who sacrificed herself in the havan of Daksh Prajapati. The body of Sati maa was cut into 52 pieces by sudarshan chakra. These pieces fell on 52 locations and are know as “SAKTHI PITH”. The heart feel at “Gabbar choti” in Ambaji. The Akhand jyot is lit at Gabbar thru out since so many centuries.
    Every Bhadarva Poonam is an auspicious pooja celebration at Ambaji temple.
    Get the blessing of Maa Ambey on Bhadarva Poonam by visiting AMBAJI…
    Jai Ambey… from Hitesh Jani… [email protected]

  5. I am from Bindal Gotra of Aggarwal Samaj so kindely tell me who is my Kul devta. I know my kul devi that is Mata Bala Sundari of Trilokpur but I want to know about my kul devta.

  6. Mittal gotra ki kul devi kaun hai…. My ancestors were from ladnun, nagour district, Rajasthan

    Msg me if anyone knows – 9930375301

  7. My last name is Sakshi singal . Kise ko pta hai singal ghotar ke vadde vdhere kaha par hai . Pls address bta do agr pta hai .


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